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Lemarchand’s Box

Legend says that solving the puzzle box will give way to a world of untold pleasures. But the word “pleasure” itself……is a subjective term….



Alien 3

In 1992, seeing the film Alien 3 in a darkened movie theatre changed the life of a little boy. He was only seven at that time, but he remembers clearly the thumping of the Bull Alien’s rapid footsteps echoing through (and on) the walls of Fiorina 161. He remembers each survivor being picked off one by one, leaving only Ellen Ripley and Morse. He remembers shaping the fingers on his hand into the shape of a claw, and instead of a middle finger, all he could see was the cylindrical head of a xenomorph and four legs.

These images haunt him to this very day. Since that day, that little boy has become a fan of all that is horrifying and terrifying. The unnamable and the uncanny. The grotesque and the gross out.

So, as the Box Wielder from Hellraiser exclaims:

“What is your pleasure?”


First Post

Yo ho ho!

I remember starting a blog as way back as 2003. These have had an average staying power of two years, and here’s hoping this site pips that trend.

'horror': Middle English: via Old French from Latin horror, from horrere ‘tremble, shudder’.

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