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How to tell you are reading a Gothic Novel, in Pictures!

No, this blog is not dead. Yes, it is very much still alive!

Last year I co-coordinated a Digital Humanities reading group, and got to know more about visualisations and infographics. These are great ways to present information in a concise manner, often allowing one to notice patterns and trends. Here’s an interesting one that charts the plots of three movies – Nolan’s Inception, the W Brothers’ Matrix, and Star Wars

If you have been following the World Cup 2014, here is a collated list of more infographics:

I wonder if these can tell us anything about the Final? 

But apart from visualisations, infographics are also a great way of presenting information in a simple, easy to read manner. This here has to be one of my all time favourite infographics. It pretty much sums up the Gothic novel in a nutshell for the uninitiated:

The texts used in this infographic are, for the most from 18th and 19th century Gothic texts. The graphic proposes that the medium of film, rather than texts, produce the most memorable ‘monsters’. Perhaps a worthwhile project to undertake might be curating 20th century texts into a similar infographic? I for one would love to see one on science fiction Gothic – Lovecraft, et al… 


'horror': Middle English: via Old French from Latin horror, from horrere ‘tremble, shudder’.

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