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RIP Aaron Swartz

The web is awash with tributes to Aaron Swartz. You might remember him as the person persecuted for downloading articles off JSTOR with the intention to make their access free to all.

The charges against Swartz were nothing short of excessive. This link compares the charges that he faced against sentences for crimes such as bank robbery and manslaughter.

Swartz was also suffering from depression, and he took his life on Friday.

Here are some links to some related articles on Swartz’s case.

How the felony count for Swartz’s case was raised from 4 to 13. This article also has a link to Swartz’s indictment: click here

Interestingly enough, it seems that JSTOR had already settled their civil case with Swartz in 2011.

In a response to Swartz’s death, hacker group Anonymous took down the MIT website (Swartz was affiliated with MIT) for a period of time: click here.

Statement from Swartz’s family: click here.

Lawrence Lessig’s post on the prosecutor as bully summarises it all: click here.

Here is a link to Swartz’s manifesto on open access: click here



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