By Colin

Research, Analytical Skills and Project Management 

As a higher degree by research candidate, I have a set of well developed research and analytical skills that I have applied across a range of diverse projects.

Examples of projects that I have worked on are detailed in the publications and professional writing tabs.

These projects also reflect my ability to liaise and collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders in industries across academia and other professional organisations.

Presentation Skills

I have also experience in presenting a range of topics to public audiences. For more details, see the ‘Talks, publications and conference papers’ tab.

The Teaching Internship Course I undertook in 2012 has equipped me with the ability to deliver content tailored to various audiences.

Database Management

In 2015, I worked for the Department of Health, assisting with the management of their screening Registry.  This has equipped me with knowledge of how to manage databases and sensitive data.


As part of my position with the Department of Health, I managed a team of data processing officers, giving me the experience of both overseeing and working with others in a team environment.

I have also organised various collaborative interest groups at UWA such as the Digital Humanities reading group in from 2013-2014, and a postgraduate Roundtable in 2012.

Commitment to Equal Opportunity

Coming from a CALD background, I am also cognizant of the importance of equal opportunity, equality and diversity in professional environments. I have undertaken formal learning packages in both the public sector and tertiary education sectors, pertaining to equal opportunity.


'horror': Middle English: via Old French from Latin horror, from horrere ‘tremble, shudder’.

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